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Resurrecting the grotesque era of '80s Slasher Movies! The Slasher subgenre reached its proverbial peak back in the 1980s, this site is dedicated to the films and characters from the most heinous juncture in horror history. From Blockbuster hits like Friday The 13th to the dark Independent gore-fests such as The Mutilator... Bodies will be counted, Victims will be remembered, Villains will become immortalized, and only forever tormenting nightmares for those lucky dogs that survive!!!

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Movies, Villains, Character, Directors, Writers, Weapons...Featured pages on the people that defined the genre of slasher films in the 1980s. All the Gore, Terror, Trailers, Disembowelments, Slashes, Hysteria, Impalements, Twist endings, Creative death scenes, Pictures, Reviews, and Horror included from 1980-1989.

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