Kauhaja A.K.A (Unhinged or Revenge at the Baldi's Old House) is 1983 Dawian Horror-Thriller Slash film and Directed: Spongebob Kayzierta (American Poltergeist III, Cry Baby Lane III: Lost In Vice City) in movie refrencd from Unhinged (1982) and The Boogeyman (1980)




Enderman, is Sucefully Victim and Four Victim going with Old House anyway Enderman in Old House and presents: Mario Powerson and Lacey Powerson with talking about for Aunt Rubina and with alone however Osomatsu visiting with his Killer, Baldi (Kenny Kahlberg) Spongebob and Enderman was surviving and Baldi is coming no one thing Baldi gets killing of Spongebob however Enderman And Lacey Gets talking and Baldi of killing of Enderman was Survived (76 min)



Olivér Ondakania - Enderman

Aladdin Tuhlakija - Spongebob

Cartman Ayiskaloa - Osomatsu

Lacey Kaimahajoa - Unikitty

Berry Uaykikama - Lacey Powerson

Marco Aswalika - Mario Powerson

Enid Awikayoma - Aunt Rubina

Kenny Kahlberg - Baldi, his killer

Spider Ayilamka - Olivér (uncredited)




Country: United States of Dawn

Language: Dawian or English

Aspect Ratio: 1:31:100

Sound Mix: Mono

Runtime: 76 min

Production Company: Universal Entertaiment

Relased Date: 10/10/1983



Production By: Wither Kayikhama

Music: Todomatsu Ayikaha

Film Edited: Baldi Akaiyaka

Other Crew: Olivér Kaiyka

Thanks: Retro Kayolma, Enderman Ayikaha,